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My personal journey started with punch cards and the limited 3.5KB RAM of a vic-20 computer, a far cry from the current landscape. Witnessing the phenomenal progression quantum mechanics as a purely theoretical construct within the realm of physics to a preeminent computing paradigm, is stimulating and exciting.

    Eran Ben-Shahar

Eran Ben-Shahar


Years of IT consultancy and Quantum Computing experience across our team

Quantum Computers use Quantum Mechanics as a computational model

Quantum Computers use a completely different model of computation that classical computers may sometimes not able to solve

Quantum Computers may completely change IT as e know it today

Encryption, AI & computer simulations are going to be dramatically affected by Quantum Computing

The revolution is here, timing is now

Hundreds of companies and thousands of scientists and engineers are already building the Quantum Computers technology

Are you prepared for the QC revolution?

Organizations which are not Quantum-Ready will be disadvantaged in the new era when QC are commercially available 


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Quantum Readiness consultancy services for corporates and large organizations that do not want to leave things for chance.
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Consulting and mentoring services for CXOs to unlock the Quantum Computing's potential i your organization.
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Empower Your Startup with Quantum Computing Innovation, consultancy or advisory board services.                                                   
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Eran Ben-Shahar


Eran Ben-Shahar

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